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The Half Quiver

The Half Quiver is a two-story smithy located just off the High Road in Waterdeep in the Southern Ward and owned by the Arrowheads. The smithy is run by the young half-elf artificer Arafiel Selthi, who manages both item construction and buying/selling. The smithy was opened up soon after The Bronze Dragon in order to support the Arrowheads, but now also serves the general public. The store is only open for two hours per day at highsun.

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Purpose / Function

The Half Quiver provides various metalworking, woodworking, tailoring, and arcane services, with a focus on those required by adventurers. A small forge is located outside, and hammering can be heard at many hours of the day - but it's usually drowned out by the rowdy tavern located next door. Most customers will only see the storefront, where a number of non-magical items are displayed for sale. Magical and valuable items are stored in the arcane locked basement of the smithy. The rear rooms are specialised for various artisinal crafts, such as woodworking, tailoring, and item enchantment. Upstairs is Arafiel's rooms, as she lives in the smithy.


As Arafiel's skills are focused on metal, wood, and leatherworking, so to is The Half Quiver's item selection. Thanks to the Arrowheads' connections with suppliers, The Half Quiver can provide adamantine or mithral gear at an extra cost of 500 gp and 450 gp respectively (on top of any existing price).

Compared to Jacobius' Guide to Arcane Pricing reccomended pricing, The Half Quiver is slightly more expensive for magic items. It makes up for this increase in price by providing a more targeted selection of items and a short turnaround time. If there are items not on the list or otherwise unavailable, customers are able to head next door to meet with the Arrowheads and arrange for them to acquire the item in question.

Items Catalogue

The Half Quiver Items

Arrows (20)1 gp
Backpack2 gp
Ball bearings (bag of 1,000)1 gp
Barrel2 gp
Basket4 sp
Bell1 gp
Block and tackle1 gp
Blowgun needles (50)1 gp
Bottle, glass2 gp
Brewer's supplies20 gp
Bucket5 cp
Caltrops (bag of 20)1 gp
Carpenter's tools8 gp
Case, crossbow bolt1 gp
Case, map or scroll1 gp
Chain (10 feet)5 gp
Chest5 gp
Clothes, common5 sp
Clothes, costume5 gp
Clothes, fine15 gp
Clothes, traveler's2 gp
Cobbler's tools5 gp
Cook's utensils1 gp
Crossbow bolts (20)1 gp
Crowbar2 gp
Dice set1 sp
Dragonchess set1 gp
Drum6 gp
Fishing tackle1 gp
Flask or tankard2 cp
Flute2 gp
Glassblower's tools30 gp
Grappling hook2 gp
Hammer1 gp
Hammer, sledge2 gp
Hunting trap5 gp
Kit, climber's25 gp
Kit, disguise25 gp
Kit, mess2 sp
Ladder (10-foot)1 sp
Lamp5 sp
Lantern, bullseye10 gp
Lantern, hooded5 gp
Leatherworker's tools5 gp
Lock10 gp
Manacles2 gp
Mason's tools10 gp
Mirror, steel5 gp
Pick, miner's2 gp
Piton5 cp
Pole (10-foot)5 cp
Pot, iron2 gp
Pouch5 sp
Quiver1 gp
Ram, portable4 gp
Robes1 gp
Rope, hempen (50 feet)1 gp
Rope, silk (50 feet)10 gp
Sack1 cp
Scale, merchant's5 gp
Shovel2 gp
Sling bullets (20)1 gp
Smith's tools20 gp
Spikes, iron (10)1 gp
Thieves' tools25 gp
Tinderbox5 sp
Tinker's tools50 gp
Torch1 cp
Waterskin2 sp
Weaver's tools1 gp
Whetstone1 cp
Woodcarver's tools1 gp

Vehicles and Mounts Catalogue

The Half Quiver Vehicles

Bit and bridle2 gp
Carriage100 gp
Cart15 gp
Chariot250 gp
Rowboat50 gp
Saddle, exotic60 gp
Saddle, military20 gp
Saddle, pack5 gp
Saddle, riding10 gp
Saddlebags4 gp
Sled20 gp
Wagon35 gp

Weapons Catalogue

The Half Quiver Weapons

Battleaxe10 gp
Blowgun10 gp
Club1 sp
Crossbow, hand75 gp
Crossbow, heavy50 gp
Crossbow, light25 gp
Dagger2 gp
Dart5 cp
Flail10 gp
Glaive20 gp
Greataxe30 gp
Greatclub2 sp
Greatsword50 gp
Halberd20 gp
Handaxe5 gp
Javelin5 sp
Lance10 gp
Light hammer2 gp
Longbow50 gp
Longsword15 gp
Mace5 gp
Maul10 gp
Morningstar15 gp
Net1 gp
Pike5 gp
Quarterstaff2 sp
Rapier25 gp
Sabre25 gp
Scimitar25 gp
Shortsword10 gp
Shortbow25 gp
Sickle1 gp
Sling1 sp
Spear1 gp
Trident5 gp
War pick5 gp
Warhammer15 gp
Whip2 gp

Armour Catalogue

The Half Quiver Armour

Breastplate400 gp
Chain shirt50 gp
Half plate750 gp
Hide10 gp
Leather10 gp
Padded5 gp
Plate1,500 gp
Ring mail30 gp
Scale mail50 gp
Shield10 gp
Splint200 gp
Studded leather45 gp

Magic Items Catalogue

The Half Quiver Magic Items

ItemPriceWait Time
Ammunition, +1 (Ea)55 gp5 days
Armour of Gleaming+82 gp5 days
Armour of Resistance+3,300 gp50 days
Armour, +1+3,850 gp50 days
Boots of Elvenkind440 gp10 days
Boots of Striding and Springing220 gp10 days
Bracer of Flying Daggers1,100 gp50 days
Bracers of Archery350 gp10 days
Bracers of Defence50 days10 days
Cast-Off Armour+55 gp5 days
Cloak of Billowing110 gp5 days
Cloak of Elvenkind275 gp10 days
Cloak of Many Fashions99 gp5 days
Cloak of Protection440 gp10 days
Clothes of Mending55 gp5 days
Dread Helm60 gp5 days
Elven Chain4,950 gp50 days
Glamoured Studded Leather Armour5,280 gp50 days
Gloves of Missile Snaring358 gp10 days
Gloves of Swimming and Climbing275 gp10 days
Gloves of Thievery330 gp10 days
Lantern of Revealing550 gp10 days
Lock of Trickery75 gp5 days
Mariner's Armour+440 gp10 days
Moon-Touched Sword+82 gp5 days
Mystery Key55 gp5 days
Quiver of Ehlonna275 gp10 days
Shield of Expression55 gp5 days
Shield, +1495 gp10 days
Smoldering Armour82 gp5 days
Sword of Life Stealing+2,420 gp50 days
Sword of Wounding+2,200 gp50 days
Unbreakable Arrow (Ea)28 gp5 days
Veteran's Cane55 gp5 days
Vicious Weapon+1,320 gp50 days
Walloping Ammunition (Ea)33 gp5 days
Weapon, +1+550 gp10 days
Craftsman, Blacksmith / Smithy
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Owning Organization


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