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Tymora is the Faerûnian goddess of good luck and fortune. Born from the death of the goddess Tyche during the Dawn Cataclysm, she has an intense rivalry with her sister Beshaba, the goddess of ill fortune. She is casually followed by many people seeking luck in their own lives, and her Church has many temples throughout Faerûn.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The history of Tymora begins with the goddess Tyche, who was an imported deity to Realmspace and joined the Netherese pantheon. Through the years, Tyche had romanced many deities, among them Lathander. However, during the Dawn Cataclysm, she became bored of him and cursed him with misfortune. Some time later during her travels, she found a beautiful rose, and, beliving it to be a gift from Lathander, took it. However, it was in reality a trap from one of her rivals - Moander - designed to corrupt her. When she returned to the Upper Planes, the gods Selûne, Lathander, and Azuth saw the corruption destroying her. Due to this, Selûne destroyed Tyche with purifying light.

From the destruction of Tyche came two new goddesses - Tymora, goddess of good luck; and Beshaba, goddess of bad luck. It should be noted that some scholars from the Outer Planes have an alternative theory as to Tyche's fate. As no divine corpse was ever found in the Astral Plane, they speculate that Tyche never died. Instead, she split herself into Tymora and Beshaba. However, this is a fringe theory within the Church of Tymora, and not widely accepted in Faerûn.

For the following millennium, Tymora's faithful expanded across Faerûn, and their goddess blessed those in want of fortune. Tymora became a popular goddess as her clerics, called "Luckbringers" carried her faith with them across the lands. During the Time of Troubles, Tymora's avatar appeared in Suzail, the capital of Cormyr. She traveled to one of her temples in the Kingdom, the Lady's House in the town of Arabel, and stayed there for the duration of the crisis. It is believed by many within the Forest Kingdom that Tymora's presence during the Time of Troubles is why the nation suffered so little from the chaos that afflicted much of Faerûn.

By 1384 DR, Tymora had begun a relationship with Tyr, god of justice, at the urging of Sune. The god Helm, known to be a reliable neutral force, was used as a messenger between Tymora and Tyr. However, due to a misunderstanding (that many believe was caused by Cyric), Tyr came to believe Helm was having an affair with Tymora, and challenged him to an honourable duel. In the subsequent duel, Helm was killed. Following this event, Tymora withdrew into a depression, even abandoning her realm of Brightwater and seeking refuge in Selûne's Gates of the Moon. However, by the late 15th century DR, Tymora had returned to her realm and resumed her full activities as the goddess of good fortune.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Chaotic Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady Luck
The Lady Who Smiles
Our Smiling Lady


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