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Lathander is the Faerûnian god of dawn, birth, renewal, spring, youth, and several other domains. He is popular with a wide variety of people, especially when undertaking a journey. In addition, his name is usually invoked when sealing a business deal or forming an alliance. As such, he is particularly popular with merchants.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lathander's origins are unknown, but he is the central figure in the mythical Dawn Cataclysm. Lathander attempted to reshape the Faerûnian pantheon as he saw fit, but his attempts failed, and indirectly led to the destruction of several deities. This included Helm's lover Murdane being drowned by Umberlee, an action for which Helm never forgave Lathander. Lathander himself lost his own lover, Tyche, who was tricked by Moander into wearing a cursed rose. When Tyche met with Selûne, Lathander, and Azuth, Selûne saw the rot corrupting Tyche and was forced to destroy her with purifying light. From the body of Tyche came Tymora and Beshaba, but Lathander mourned Tyche for centuries.

Lathander despises evil and evil deities, and has historically intervened directly in battles against evil. In 916 DR, he sent an avatar to do battle alongside his clergy and the Harpers, who were attacking the Cult of the Dragon. He fought the founder of the Cult, Sammaster, and utterly destroyed him. During the battle, his avatar was wounded, spilling four drops of blood. These drops would later be crystallised in amber, then forged into a powerful mace called the Blood of Lathander.

After Karsus' Folly, the Netherese deity of Amaunator was abandoned in worship. His power faded over a thousand years, until he was considered a dead god. However, heresies within the Church of Lathander believed that Amaunator and Lathander were the same being. The Three-Faced Sun heresy believed that the sun was an overgod, equivalent in power to Ao, and both Lathander and Amaunator were simply aspects of it. The Risen Sun heresy believed that Lathander and Amaunator were the same being, that the former was the latter reincarnated. In the decade before the Spellplague, the Risen Sun heresy gained a great deal of influence within the Church of Lathander, to the point that it could be considered the mainstream belief. Perhaps as a reaction to this, Lathander was declared to be Amaunator shortly after the Spellplague began in 1385 DR.

In the years after the Spellplague, Amaunator was considered to be the primary aspect of the deity, but many people continued to worship Lathander regardless. It wasn't until 1486 DR, when a Chosen of Lathander appeared, that the two deities were considered separate once more. Although Lathander and Amaunator were worshipped as one deity, it is unknown whether they truly were the same being or not.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Neutral Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Commander of Creativity
Inspiration's Dawn
Life, Light


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