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Umberlee is the Faerûnian goddess of the sea. She is known to be violent, malicious, temperamental, and vain, but despite this, enjoys widespread worship from sailors and coastal dwellers. Due to her capricious behaviour, those that rely on the sea often pay tribute to her, in order to try to avoid her wrath.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The origin of Umberlee is unknown, and she has existed as far back as records go, and even before. It is believed that she was present for the Dawn War, as she certainly predates even the rise of Netheril. One of the earliest known appearances of Umberlee is during the Dawn Cataclysm, where she drowned the goddess Murdane. Murdane was the lover of Helm, who blamed Lathander for her death.

Throughout history, Umberlee has often wreaked havoc on coastal settlements in order to inspire fear and worship. In one instance, she flooded the city of Memnon in Calimshan. The city has ever since boasted an immaculate temple to the Queen of the Depths.

During the Time of Troubles, when the deities of the Faerûnian pantheon were made to walk as mortals by Ao the Overgod, Umberlee appeared in the Sea of Fallen Stars. There, she amused herself by destroying islands through storms and the actions of her minions. Even after the end of the Time of Troubles, the Sea of Fallen Stars continued to be wracked by storms. This continued until 1361 DR, when she was finally appeased by great tributes from the inhabitants of the region.

Umberlee was unaffected by the Spellplague, continuing to receive tribute and dispense storms to those who had displeased her. Her most recent activity was in the Dessarin Valley in 1491 DR, where she empowered one of her Chosen to lead the Cult of the Crushing Wave to unleash disasters upon the Sword Coast. However, the Cult was defeated by a group of adventurers and their plans ruined.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Chaotic Evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Bitch Queen
The Queen of the Depths
The Wavemother


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