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Helm is the god of sentries, guardians, watchers, and protectors of all kinds. He is primarily venerated by guards and paladins. Helm has long been seen as an impartial and focused (sometimes cold) defender. He was particularly important during the Time of Troubles, as he was the only Faerûnian deity to keep their powers and divinity.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

An old god, Helm was a fairly unchanging deity. The oldest recorded event involving him is the Dawn Cataclysm, which took place sometime between Karsus' Folly and the fall of Myth Drannor. During this time, Helm's lover, a lesser deity of pragmatism named Murdane, was killed. Due to this, Helm and Lathander, the Morning Lord, didn't have the best of relations.

The Church of Helm was widely respected across Faerûn prior to the Time of Troubles as a neutral and impartial force. Many Helmite paladins and generals led armies and guard forces, such as the defence of Iriaebor from goblins in 1264 DR and maintaining order during the Tethyrian Interregnum of the mid-14th century.

During the Time of Troubles, in 1358 DR, Ao the Overgod forced all the deities of the Faerûnian Pantheon - save Helm. Helm was instead ordered to guard the Celestial Stairway by the Overgod. On Midsummer of that year, Mystra attempted to pass Helm and walk the Stairway. Helm refused her passage, and she attacked him with all of her power. When that failed and she continued to attempt passage, Helm destroyed her with a glance.

Although a new Mystra was created by the end of the Time of Troubles, Helm's reputation in many parts of Faerûn was severely damaged. In addition, when it was discovered that the Church of Helm was actively oppressing the native population of the newly-discovered continent of Maztica, their reputation fell even further. In 1384 DR, which carrying a message from Tyr to Tymora, a misunderstanding caused a duel between Tyr and Helm (suspected to have been caused by Cyric). Tyr won, and Helm was slain.

Although their god was dead and their reputation was severely tarnished, the truly faithful of Helm never stopped their worship. Their faith was rewarded in 1486 DR, when Helm appeared before one of his Chosen. Since then, the worship of Helm has rebounded rapidly.
Divine Classification
Lesser Deity
Lawful Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Vigilant One
The Watcher
Life, Light, Twilight


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