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Tyr is the Faerûnian god of law and justice, and the leader of the group of deities called the Triad. Unlike most deities in Realmspace, Tyr is an extraplanar deity, originally part of the Norse pantheon. This has the interesting effect of allowing his clerics to call for his aid on other worlds. Followers of Tyr were typically judges, magistrates, barristers, lawyers, paladins, and watchmen. Although Tyr was killed in the Spellplague, fending off a fiendish invasion of the upper planes, he returned to life during the Second Sundering.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tyr's history prior to his arrival in Realmspace is unknown, but it is presumed he submitted himself to Ao the Overgod in order to gain followers. He first appeared in -2600 DR in the Lake of Steam region before a warrior and a group of priests. He has been known by many names through history, such as Achanatyr, Iltyr, Arrtyr, and Anachtyr. In addition, he was a member of the Jhaamdathan pantheon before its fall.

Tyr's most recent form came to prominence in -247 DR, where he personally led a force of 200 archons alongside Ilmater and Torm to pacify the remnants of the Jhaamdathan empire. This became known as the Procession of Justice. Although Tyr defeated a god of anarchy, his forces were slain or banished back to their home planes, and Tyr himself took more of an interest in Toril as a whole. However, it wouldn't be until the raising of the standing stone in the Dales that the faith of Tyr would become significantly more widespread.

At some point, Tyr lost his right hand in a duel with Kezef the Chaos Hound, one of the three 'elder eternal evils'. At the beginning of the Time of Troubles, Ao the Overgod destroyed Tyr's eyes as punishment for failing to notice the theft of the Tablets of Fate. He, along with almost every other Faerûnian deity, was stripped of their divinity and forced to wander Toril until the Tablets were returned. During this time, Ilmater and Torm ventured with Tyr. The former helped Tyr adjust to his new disability, and the latter tempered Tyr's zeal with mercy.

Following the Time of Troubles, Tyr began courting Tymora, the goddess of luck. The god Helm was chosen in order to carry messages between the two. However, it is suspected that Cyric managed to create rumours that Helm was having an affair with Tymora. Tyr and Helm agreed to a duel to settle the matter and find the truth, and Helm was slain in the fight.

As the Spellplague began, Tyr managed to convince Sune and Lathander to aid him in pursuing Cyric, who had caused both the death of Helm and the Spellplague. The trio managed to capture him, and had him imprisoned for a sentence of one thousand years. Following this, Tyr abdicated his position as a god, granting his divinity to Torm. Bahamut recieved the portfolio of justice. At some point during the following years, Tyr was slain while repelling a fiendish invasion into the upper planes.

Following the end of the Spellplague, the rebirth of Mystra, and the Second Sundering, Tyr was reborn as the god of justice and rejoined the Faerûnian Pantheon. Like many other resurrected gods, he was able to quickly restore his following among mortals.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Anachtyr (Calimshan)
The God of Justice
The Even-Handed
The Maimed God
The Blind Overlord
The One-Handed
Order, War


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