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Mystra is the goddess of magic and maintainer of the Weave. She is primarily venterated by wizards, sorcerers, magical crafters, and other spellcasters that rely on the Weave. The faithful of Mystra preserve and promulgate the Art throughout the world, all the while keeping an eye out for talented mages who could benefit from mentoring.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Mystra of the post-Second Sundering era is the third incarnation of the goddess of magic. Her first incarnation, Mystryl, was killed in -339 DR when the Netherese wizard Karsus attempted to displace her as the god of magic. Her second incarnation, also named Mystra, was killed in 1358 DR by Helm as she attempted to ascend the Celestial Stairway.

The most current incarnation started life as a wizard named Ariel Manx, known as Midnight to her friends. As of 1353 DR, Mystra had selected Midnight as her successor. When Mystra was killed in 1358 DR, Midnight helped a group of adventurers return the Tablets of Fate to Ao the Overgod at Mount Waterdeep. There, she managed to kill the mortal god of death, Myrkul, and was selected by Ao to become the new goddess of magic.

Several years later, in 1385 DR, the new Mystra was supposedly murdered by Cyric at the behest of Shar, who sought to control the Weave. Mystra's disappearance directly caused the Spellplague, as the Weave became wildly unstable. While the worst effects of the Spellplague subsided over a decade, it continued for nearly a century.

In 1479 DR, Elminster Aumar discovered that Mystra had posessed the body of a bear to survive. The Sage of Shadowdale recruited several new Chosen and the Cormyrean, and was able to restore much of Mystra's power and divinity. However, it would not be until 1487 DR that Mystra was fully healed.


Laeral Silverhand

Chosen (Important)

Towards Mystra



Goddess (Important)

Towards Laeral Silverhand


Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Neutral Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Lady of Mysteries
The Mother of All Magic
The Lost Goddess
Arcana, Knowledge


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