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Aurora's Realms Shop

Aurora's Realms Shop is a business headquartered in Waterdeep. It was originally founded by the human woman Aurora in the mid 14th century DR. While it began as a small curio shop in Waterdeep, it eventually expanded to all the major cities of Faerûn.

Upon Aurora's death in the 15th century DR, ownership of the business fell to her daughter, Lemily. However, Lemily was not interested in the business, neglecting it and closing many of its locations during the Spellplague. Lemily's daughter, Leleanor, took interest in the business after the Second Sundering. By this point, operations had been reduced to just Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate, and Westgate. Despite this, she was determined to restore Aurora's Realms Shop to the household name it used to be.

The store issues a regular publication called Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue, which details all of the items readily available to purchase. At a branch of the Realms Shop, the customer places an order through a form and pays a 25% deposit. Twice a day, at morning and evening, all orders are teleported to the central warehouse, the location of which is a secret. When the orders are received, the warehouse staff pick and batch the orders, then ship the goods to their respective branches via teleportation once more. At this point, the customer can pay for the remainder of their order and collect their goods. This process usually takes two to three days, but can be longer around holidays. Magic items can also be purchased, but have a wait time of ten to thirty days.
Founding Date
Mid 13th century DR
Corporation, Business

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