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House Margaster

House Margaster is an Illuskan family whose business interests lie in land-based shipping and bulk goods trading. The family also has a quiet history of wizardry, and more recently, allegations of worshipping Asmodeus. House Margaster is based in the city of Waterdeep, and their family estate is situated between Stabbed Sailor Alley and Shattercrock Alley in the North Ward. They also own property in Silverymoon, including a three-story tower and a detached carriage house.

The Margaster family claims the fortress of Thornhold in the Mere of Dead Men, which was owned by the warlord Brunyundar Margaster until it was captured and claimed by a paladin as part of the Second Troll War. It is currently occupied by dwarves of Clan Stoneshaft, who call it Stoneshaft Hold. The castle is also claimed by the Knights of Salumar.

"Nothing is beyond our grasp."



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