Illuskans, also known as Northlanders, are a human ethnicity found in Northwest Faerûn, the islands of the Trackless Sea, and the northern half of the Moonshae Isles. They trace their ancestry to the island of Ruathym, and spread by sea. Illuskan culture tends to value courage, cunning, ferocity, strength, and skill in sailing over other qualities, and can be described as somewhat warlike.

Unlike many other cultures in Faerûn, Illuskans practice separate gender roles. Men are dominant, fishing and fighting, while women are confined to the home, farm, and forge. However, these traditional gender roles are not typically practiced in more urban Illuskan settlements, such as Neverwinter, which is significantly more egalitarian.

Illuskans are more wary of magic than other human cultures, with less egalitarian regions putting spellcasters to death on sight.

Illuskan warriors prefer hide armour, due to the warmth it provides, and the impracticality of heavy metal armour while sailing. In addition, the cost of metal armour makes it unaffordable to most. However, wealthier Illuskans or commanders tend to use chain when they can. Axes are a preferred weapon, thanks to their long association with dwarves.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Amafrey, Betha, Cefrey, Kethra, Mara, Olga, Silifrey, Westra

Masculine names

Ander, Blath, Bran, Frath, Geth, Lander, Luth, Malcer, Stor, Taman, Urth

Family names

Brightwood, Helder, Hornraven, Lackman, Stormwind, Windrivver


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