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Southern Ward

The Southern Ward's northern boundary with the Trades Ward lay across Telshambra's Street and Caravan Court. On the west and south side was the Dock Ward across the Way of the Dragon. To the east, the Ward was bounded by the Trollwall, which included the southern inner gate leading to the Caravan Grounds and the South Gate beyond. The Southern Ward is named both for its geographical location, and the large number of immigrants from southern Faerûn. Notably, its inhabitants always refer to it as the Southern Ward - calling it the South Ward is an instant mark of an outsider. The ward is home to many traveling merchants, and as such, many businesses cater to their needs - stables, caravanserais, supply stores, and the like. Notable landmarks include the Moon Sphere, which appears every full moon in the Dancing Court. Creatures that enter the sphere find themselves able to fly by simply thinking it, which is a major attraction. Red and white are the Southern Ward's colors, and its mascot is the mule.
Founding Date
1035 DR (as Temple Ward)
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