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Castle Ward

The Castle Ward was delimited by Julthoon Street to the north, west of Shield Street, and by Trader's Way between Shield Street and the High Road, which delimited the ward's eastern border together with Snail Street. The southern border of the ward was delimited by Shesstra Street, Gut Alley, Belnimbra's Street, and Lackpurse Lane, until the ward met Deepwater Harbor. The Castle Ward is the centre of government for Waterdeep, home to its military, judiciary, government, naval docks, and the largest market space in the North. In a surprise to many newcomers to the city, Castle Waterdeep is not the seat of government, but solely a military fortress. Instead, the government resides in the Palace of Waterdeep (formerly Piergeiron's Palace). The ward features many courts, offices, and businesses, as well as several barracks for the City Guard. Other notable locations in the ward include Blackstaff Tower, Mirt's Mansion, six of the city's Walking Statues, and the Yawning Portal Inn - gateway to Undermountain. Blue and purple are the Castle Ward's colors, and its mascot is the griffon.
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1031 DR
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