Trades Ward

The Trades Ward was bounded in the south by the Southern Ward, in the west by Castle Ward, in the north by North Ward and the City of the Dead and in the east by the Trollwall. The ward, as the name suggests, is hope to the majority of the city's businesses. As Volothamp Geddarn put it in his Waterdeep Enchiridion, "Glove shops, shoe shops, jewelry stores, perfumeries, flower shops, cake shops, taverns, cafés, tea shops, inns, row houses, boarding schools, offices, dance academies, grocers, pottery stores, armor vendors-as long as it's not illegal, you can find it in the Trades Ward. But if you are looking for something illegal, the Trades Ward is likely the place to get that too. Do not do so too loudly, though." The Trade Ward is also home to many of the guildhalls in the city. However, most foreign traders operate in the Southern Ward, so the Trades Ward is primarily home to Waterdhavian traders. Green and purple are the Trades Ward's colors, and its mascot is the mimic. After being ridiculed by other wards for choosing a treasure chest as its mascot, the Trades Ward now selects a new mascot every four years. As of 1492 DR, the mascot was a tankard.
Founding Date
1035 DR
Location under
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