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North Ward

The North Ward is delimited by the walls of the City of the Dead to the southeast, the Trollwall to the east and north. Its southern border was at Andamaar's Street and Trader's Way up to Shield Street, which marked the western border until Vondil Street. North of that, the western border was defined by the High Road the rest of the way to the Trollwall. It is the second wealthiest ward behind the Sea Ward, home to many noble villas, cafés, and other affluent establishments. Lower- and middle-class residents often come to the North Ward during the day in order to work at the various villas of the ward, so there are also amenities that dedicate themselves to them (but are still more expensive than other wards). The North Ward also features Cliffwatch, which offers impressive views of the countryside from a public walkway. Green and orange are the North Ward's colors, and its mascot is the white dove.
Founding Date
1276 DR
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