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"I think it's astounding that half-elves can live for two hundred years. Frankly, I'm shocked any of the half-elves I know have made it to twenty."
— Emilia Leveva
The Ardent Independent Team "Arrowheads" is an elite, all-female group of adventurers that is part of the Ardent mercenary company. Effectively independent of the rest of the organisation, the group takes contracts from around the Sword Coast and beyond. The group does not have a formal leader, and instead relies on group consensus to decide on their course of action. Unlike the rest of the Ardent, they are based not in Ardent Keep, but at The Bronze Dragon in Waterdeep.


The Arrowheads are organised very loosely, as they are a fairly small group. Sariel is the de facto leader, but she very often listens to her fellow members. Enna and Emilia conduct most of the group's planning, occasionally with help and input from the others.

Aside from the main group, the staff of The Bronze Dragon and The Half Quiver are also considered members of the Arrowheads. The Bronze Dragon provides a base of operations for the group, living in a renovated attic. The business itself also provides a way for the group to gather information from traders passing through Waterdeep, and to get in touch with clients. The Half Quiver maintains and procures gear for the main group, and provides a supplementary income for the organisation.


The Arrowheads were inspired by the success of the Alpha and Beta teams within the Ardent. Feeling her abilities were wasted managing intelligence gathering for the Ardent, Sariel Liadon invited Nathxena Fey and Valna Mellerelel (formerly of Beta Team) to join her in an informal team. In early Tarsakh 1494 DR, the informal group was formalised as an independent team, part of the Ardent. Within a few weeks, the group expanded to include Enna Liadon and Emilia Leveva, both invited at Sariel's request.

Prior to the arrival of Emilia Leveva, the Arrowheads were bleeding money rapidly. Although Emilia was able to stem the loss of gold, they had lost most of their original funding and much of Sariel Liadon's personal wealth as well. During their early adventures as a group, the Arrowheads had several run-ins with the Crimson Blades. As a result of these encounters, the members of both groups view each other negatively, and often come to blows. The Arrowheads also met a group of individuals working for Lady Faestra Aldra several times, and their reactions are more mixed.

The Arrowheads have since become a reliable adventuring group employed by numerous people and groups, including the Harpers, rich merchants, and the cities of Waterdeep and Neverwinter. Sariel Liadon's personal connections with important figures over the Sword Coast can be credited for many of these requests.
Founding Date
7th of Tarsakh, 1494 DR
Adventuring Party
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles
Core Members
Emilia Leveva
Enna Liadon
Nathxena Fey
Sariel Liadon
Valna Mellerelel
Associated Individuals
Altin Mellerelel
Arafiel Selthi
Kate Snowherald
Medari Fairwind
Wynfiel Reylthel


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