Faestra Aldra

Lady Faestra Aldra is a sun elf noblewoman who resides in the city of Waterdeep. She is an avid collector of fine arts and ancient relics, especially from the old elven kingdom of Illefarn. She often employs adventurers to acquire such artifacts for her collection, and keeps a small group on permanent payroll for such tasks. Originally from Everska, her family is of nobility, and she demands to be referred to as 'Lady', even when in Waterdeep.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Faestra Aldra was born in 1263 DR in the hidden elven city of Evereska. Born to a noble family of sun elves, Faestra wanted for nothing as she grew up. In addition, her family's bloodline meant that Faestra was a powerful sorceress from birth. Growing up, she found the hidden city intensly boring, and wanted to explore the wider world. Her family expressely forbade her, but she managed to abscond from the city with proof of her nobility and a sizable sum of money.

For over a century, Faestra wandered Faerûn in search of elven magical artifacts, and especially mythals. She gained a large amount of wealth and experience in the process. Faestra would spend a decade on a single dig site, making sure every last artifact was excavated. Anything she did discover was placed in a vault under her manor in Waterdeep she had purchased. While not a noble of the city, she found ways to command respect from those who were.

Faestra never returned to her family, as she did not care for them and presumed them dead after hearing of the phaerimm attack in 1371 DR. Instead, she continued her work finding magical artifacts across the continent. By the second half of the 15th century DR, she took a several decade break from treasure hunting to focus on creating a trading company. Her company, the Aldra Trading Company, remained a small but highly profitable endeavour. In the final decade of the century, she decided to resume her treasure hunting - but this time, she instead hired a group of mercenaries led by Aldovar to recover items of interest for her.

In 1493 DR, Faestra attempted to recruit the adventurer Sariel Liadon to her crew. However, the half-elf refused on moral grounds. Since then, the two have become rivals, and her crew often has run-ins with the Arrowheads.


Social Aptitude

Faestra looks down on everyone else and believes nobody is above her. Her power, both magic and economic, effectively allows her to do whatever she wants with little pushback. However, she is also very intelligent, and knows that abusing her power will invariably bring more physically or magically people down upon her. As such, she prefers to act quite affably with her 'equals' (nobility and wealthy merchants; anyone with political connections), but can be quite disdainful. She finds flirting and overt sexual displays very distasteful.
Date of Birth
6 Kythorn
Year of Birth
1263 DR 232 Years old
Current Residence
Long, blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
115 lbs


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