Alpha Team

The first of the strike teams recruited from adventurers, Alpha Team is comprised of five individuals working together to complete intricate tasks that the Ardent requires. They have completed their tasks to satisfactory levels however have until reccently had rocky leadership under Mystan Rhogar.


The leader of Alpha Team is Mystan Rhogar, a young Silver Dragonborn, and a leader known for his arrogance and forthright speech. The second in command is Brave Star, a confident, brave, and rather enigmatic Tabaxi paladin of Torm. The team's healer is Damu Ubo, an empathic, and timid Tortle druid of the Circle of Dreams. They have two other mages in the party, one being the Human sorcerer Alana Pruder, a dark and brooding ex-assassin. The other mage is Meribel Lahasha, a Human illusionist wizard from Candlekeep.


Alpha Team has a history of rocky relationships and camaraderie. This is in part due to the leadership and arrogance of Mystan Rhogar, along with the overal timidness and self centric goals of the individual members. These hurdles have however been overcome as they have worked, lived, and fought together. They have shared intimate moments and have come to trust one another much more than they once had. The arrogance and leadership of Mystan Rhogar has improved with serious challenges and the questioning of leadership by Brave Star throughout their missions. This has allowed for him, and the team to work more cohesively.

Alpha Team has had a long standing rivalry with the other strike team Beta Team, which was started just after their own. As both teams have completed their missions individually, only reports and heresay about the missions, effectiveness, and prowess of the other team has been heard. This stream of information alongside the cockyness of Mystan Rhogar lead to a heated rivalry.

This rivalry became much more timid and respectful as both teams worked together at The Battle of Menzoberranzan in 1494DR. Alpha team witnessing first hand the teamwork and care that each member of Beta Team had for each other. Envious yet impressed Mystan Rhogar set aside his pride and after growing much in his journey settled the quarrells after congratulating the team on their victory.
Founding Date
Military, Mercenary Group
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Parent Organization
Mystan Rhogar
Brave Star
Damu Ubo
Alana Pruder
Meribel Lahasha


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