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Ardeep River

The Ardeep River is a small river located south of Waterdeep. Emerging from the Ardeep Forest, two smaller channels of water join to form the main bulk of the river which continues through the plains south of the forest. From there, the river continues twelve miles to the Selpir Marsh. At this point, the river splits in three in the delta - the northern branch remains the Ardeep River, the centre branch becomes a creek known as the Selpir, and the southern branch is the Southern Ardeep River. On average, the Ardeep River is 30 feet wide and 15 feet deep. This can vary wildly at times, but is generally correct.

The only major settlement along the Ardeep River is that of Nightstone. The town's fortified motte and bailey is situated in the middle of the river on two artifical islands. The river is also home to large numbers of trout, which form part of Nightstone's economy.

Further to the south, the Selpir Marsh is a flooded delta. Occasionally lizardfolk visit the area, but the most common visiters are groups of merfolk. The Selpir Marsh is also home to large numbers of ancient tombs. These tombs were built around -23,600 DR, during the time of the Ardeep Realm. The tombs occasionally break open due to the river's flow, revealing electrum and magic items along the river bed.

The Trade Way also crosses the Ardeep River as it meanders south from Waterdeep to Baldur's Gate. The bridge across the river is maintained by the Baron of Nightstone. In 1489 DR, the bridge had been renovated and named the Casimir Jansobski Memorial Bridge. However, it was destroyed during a battle between forces of the Cult of the Dragon and the Council of Waterdeep. It was later rebuilt and renamed the Casimir Jansobski Memorial Bridge Memorial Bridge.
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