High Road

The High Road is the primary travel route through the Sword Coast North. It runs from Luskan to Waterdeep, passing through Neverwinter. Following the eruption of Mount Hotenow in 1451 DR and increasing monster attacks, the High Road fell into increasing disuse. It went without maintenance for decades, and all efforts to shift it away from the expanding Mere of Dead Men ceased. During the 1480s DR, Lord Dagult Neverember founded the High Road Charter Company in order to clear and maintain the road in order to assist in rebuilding and revitalising Neverwinter. At great expense to the Lord Protector (and the city of Waterdeep), the High Road was cleared and many locations along its route made safe for habitation once more. As of the 1490s DR, many consider the High Road to be safer than sea travel.

Both Neverwinter and Waterdeep patrol the High Road in order to keep it safe. Their patrols meet at the Carnath Roadhouse, not far from the Mere of Dead Men. Neverwinter guards patrol up to Port Llast, but beyond that is less safe as Luskan guards patrol much less frequently.
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