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Peach Tree Dish

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Peach Tree Dish is an intricate and expensive sweet dessert that the gnomes only eat on special occasions. It's said to be so delicious that it can bring tears of joy to even the grumpiest gnome.  
The dish is made from freshly picked peaches, which are carefully peeled and then boiled in honey until they become soft and syrupy. The mixture is then poured over a bed of crushed almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts before being topped with a layer of melted white chocolate and a crown of cacao beans. This concoction gives the dish its signature sweetness, which has been passed down through generations within the gnomish community. Each gnomish family has their own secret ingredients.  
When served at special occasions such as weddings or important holidays like Gnome Day, this extravagant dessert brings much joy among guests who have never tasted anything quite like it before! Despite its hefty price tag, there’s no denying that when prepared correctly, this unique treat provides an unforgettable culinary experience every time.   One of the recognised variations has lemons in lieu of peaches. This version is usually offered to guests who do not know when it is time for them to leave.  
The secrets of making Peach Tree Dish
One secret to making the perfect Peach Tree Dish is using only ripe, juicy peaches, as they will give the dish its signature sweet flavor.   The second secret is carefully roasting all the different nuts used in this recipe before adding them into the mix; this gives them an extra crunchy texture, which works perfectly with the softness of the peaches.   Lastly, don’t forget to add some extra honey at the end so your guests can enjoy that wonderful sweetness even more.  
For those looking to make their own Peach Tree Dish at home, there are also some other secrets known only by experienced bakers: Use fresh lemon juice instead of water when cooking down your syrup; be sure not to overbake or dry out your pastry dough; and finally, always let everything cool completely before serving so you get maximum enjoyment from each bite.  
Peach Tree Dish by Tillerz using MidJourney


This dish was first conceived of and developed by Marjorie Sastre-Verde. She thought up the idea in preparation for Gnome Day, which was celebrated for the first time in Gnomingen. Back then, there was some mysterious sickness that swept across the gnomish community, which caused everyone to feel unwell.
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Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
10 x 10 x 5 cm
Base Price
cacao beans
white chocolate
Optional Ingredients
lemon grass
morello cherries
plum brandy

Cover image: Peach Tree Dish by Tillerz using MidJourney


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Dec 31, 2022 12:27 by Darren McHaffie

I like they play on Petri dish

Dec 31, 2022 13:02

Really sounds like an amazing dish! But yeah I am always fond of peaches in pies :p

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Jan 4, 2023 03:57 by Myth Magic

This sounds delicious. I also love the wordplay with the name.

Jan 5, 2023 23:18 by Ruby O'Degee

The Peach Tree dish looks yummy! Your article about Marjorie Sastre-Verde's recipe is well written, honest, and informative. When I share my kitchen concoctions with the neighbors, I can expect to hear a "mysterious sickness swept across" my community too.

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Jan 6, 2023 17:57 by Anna Katherina

Oh, I have a hankering to give my hand at making this for real; creative fantasy foods always get me. I REALLY loved the little blurb about the Lemon variant, though, ha!

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Jan 14, 2023 05:06

The descriptions in this article seem just as "sweet" as the dish itself!

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Jan 23, 2023 03:05

I may not be a fan of peaches, but I am liking the look of this article. It's not too long or too short, adding just the right amount of detail to get the attention of the reader while probably tempting many of them to make this at home just to see if it can actually be made; well done.

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