Silver Meteor Storm



A military unit under the Hashinara Clan headed by the Silver General, Ryūzaki Sanosuke. The Silver Meteor Storm has accumulated enough power and influence that it now operates as a semi-independent, geopolitical power with control over several provinces in the center of Japan. Despite the organization's own power, its leader still shows great fealty toward Hashinara Yoshitakatomo, who is known by many to be the true power behind the Hashinara Clan.   Ryūzaki Sanosuke has gained a reputation for attracting powerful and beautiful women to his side. Under his command, the Silver Meteor Storm has absorbed the Ryūzōji Clan and gathered skilled individuals from many disparate sources, resulting in a formidable roster that is, perhaps due to the inclinations of its leader, almost entirely female.   Nijō Castle, constructed under Sanosuke's orders by the erudite foreign mage, Mary Lyn, has become the seat of the organization's power. Constructed in an impossibly short time on a hill overlooking Kaya, the fortress is now known as one of the land's several legendary "One-Night Castles."


  • Yamashiro Province (Capital)
  • Harima Province
  • Setsu Province
  • Wakasa Province

Close Allies

The Silver Meteor Storm and the Aotsuki Clan are allies in their service of the Hashinara Clan. Their leaders share a bond of trust, and often call upon each other in times of trouble.


Although nominally allies, many in the Silver Meteor Storm resent the unpredictable and opaque actions of the Matsumoto.

One-Sided Alliance

The Wolfpack and the Silver Meteor Storm are nominally allies under the Hashinara Clan, but Ryūzaki Sanosuke has been shown not to trust Knight Commander Maxim.


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