Aotsuki Clan



A clan founded in Ōmi Province in the Winter of 1559 by Daimyō Aotsuki Tsukamoto, formerly of the Hashinara Clan. Lord Aotsuki's independence was granted to him by Tōdaisen Nobuhara, with the approval of Katsusada Shishauezaemon as a display of trust and a gift to celebrate his wedding with Tokku-hime. Having recently been successful in the capture of Ōmi Province, that territory was granted to the newly-landed lord, and Ōtsu Castle established as its headquarters. Not long after, Mino Province was annexed by the Aotsuki Clan and placed under the command of one of its most trusted generals, Saitō Dōsan.   Although it has not been established for long, the Aotsuki Clan already commands a respectable reputation. Lord Aotsuki is known to rule with a fair and just hand, and to take an uncommon interest in the welfare of the people in his domain. The clan's chief adviser, Abe no Seimei, handles most of the administrative aspects, but few direct actions are taken without the approval of Aotsuki Tsukamoto himself. As a result, the clan has few enemies, save for those tied into their close relations with the Hashinara. They do, however, face a threat from the Ikkō Ikki camped north of Mino's border. Although more ethical than most clans in their dealings, the feudal structure around which the Aotsuki Clan is based remains inimical to the ideals of the Ikkō.


  • Ōmi Province (Capital)
  • Mino Province


Shinto-Buddhism with a strong focus on the worship of Amaterasu

Agriculture & Industry

Thanks to his judgment and willingness to engage with the common people, agriculture and trade have flourished under the rule of Aotsuki Tsukamoto

Trade & Transport

Heads of trade:

  • Ōmi: Yokko
  • Mino: Momoyama Shunkei


  • Map of Ōtsu Castle
Founding Date
11 August 1559
Geopolitical, Clan
Leader Title
Head of State
Aotsuki Tsukamoto
Head of Government
Abe no Seimei
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Ōtsu Castle
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Related Items
Related Ethnicities


The Aotsuki Clan was once part of the Hashinara until granted full autonomy. The two remain so close that for most practical applications they can be considered the same organization.

Joined by Marriage

A strong alliance was secured between the Aotsuki Clan and Suitengu Society when Aotsuki Tsukamoto married Tokku-hime.

Close Allies

The Silver Meteor Storm and the Aotsuki Clan are allies in their service of the Hashinara Clan. Their leaders share a bond of trust, and often call upon each other in times of trouble.


The Aotsuki Clan and the Matsumoto Family are allies in their service of the Hashinara Clan.


The Aotsuki Clan and The Wolfpack are allies in their service of the Hashinara Clan.

Rising Tension

The actions of Ikkyū have cast the Ikkō Ikki, who share a border with the Aotsuki Clan, in a poor light. As their systems of government are incompatible, it seems only a matter of time before events escalate.


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