Ōtsu Castle

Seat of the Aotsuki Clan's Power

A mighty castle not far from the shores of Lake Biwa in Ōmi Province. Ōtsu Castle holds an important strategic position along most of the major trade routes and roads of Ōmi. It was built for defense and as a landmark that can be seen for miles around, towering over the flatlands and forests around it.   Briefly in the hands of the Oda Clan, Ōtsu Castle was soon taken by Aotsuki Tsukamoto and served under his rule as the seat of power for the Aotsuki Clan. Along with fortified walls, a secluded garden, and enough rooms to quarter a host of generals, the structure also boasts an expansive audience chamber on the second floor. A roomy basement allows for a dungeon, various workshops, and a waterway that connects to Lake Biwa. This last has been instrumental in communications between the Aotsuki, especially Lady Tokku, and their allies among the Suitengu Society.


  • Ōtsu Castle


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