Suitengu Society

Summary An organized, diverse group of Kappa who rule over all that occurs beneath the surface of Lake Biwa. The Suitengu Society was originally formed as a response to the capricious, tricky nature that pervades most Kappa. It may be a fair judgment that they overcompensated, and became almost draconian in their reliance on law, order, and bureacracy.   In order to coexist with the rising numbers of Humans and the complex societies that surround them, many leading freshwater yōkai determined that they would need a ruling body of their own, to limit the amount that individual kappa provoked their neighbors. So the Society was formed, housed in a castle at the bottom of the great lake in Ōmi Province.   The Society's modern leader is Tokku-hime, chosen and groomed to the task by the storied yōkai of the Biwa Abyssal Fifteen. Tokku possesses soulbound link with the great dragon guardian of the lake, Mizuchi, who in turn offers her and the Society his protection. Recently, her marriage to Aotsuki Tsukamoto, Lord Daimyō of the Aotsuki Clan, has resulted in a lessening of the princess' power. Instead, the Society now functions as a subsidiary organization of the larger Aotsuki. As coexistence with humans is the ideal the Society was founded on, few are displeased with this new arrangement.


  • Lake Biwa


Worships the Great Water Dragon, Mizuchi, who deigns to be guardian and patron of the Society
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