Biwa Abyssal Fifteen

A group of elite Kappa Yōkai tasked with keeping the peace in Lake Biwa. The Biwa Abyssal Fifteen are more similar to a mercenary squad than a clan in themselves. They answer directly to Tokku-hime, leader of the Suitengu Society. As the enforcement arm of an organization dedicated to keeping the peace in Lake Biwa, the Abyssal Fifteen are rarely entirely idle. Kappa are chaotic, playful, and a bit callous by nature, and their leaders therefore believe that strict laws are necessary to avoid involving humans or other races outside the lake in their affairs.   The Biwa Abyssal Fifteen are, as their name would suggest, a group of fifteen Kappa Yōkai selected for their loyalty, power, and relative reliability. Under the command of an honorable Crab Yōkai named Tanna, they deal with rogue kappa who might be causing trouble with fishermen or humans living on the shores of the lake, as well as with any outside threats that might threaten its dwellers. The latter have been less common for as long as memory serves. Legends still abound of Lake Biwa's great protector, the draconic Mizuchi, who does indeed still lurk somewhere within its waters. Part of the reason the Biwa Abyssal Fifteen exist is so that honored Mizuchi does not need to be bothered with every little disturbance. As fellow protectors of the lake, they tend to hold the dragon in awed respect.   In recent months, the Abyssal Fifteen have had their role altered by the unprecedented marriage of their Kappa princess to a Human lord. Aotsuki Tsukamoto, ruler of the Aotsuki Clan, is now technically at the top of their chain of command. Sometimes the Fifteen find themselves being summoned outside of Lake Biwa to aid him and his wife, their princess, in other matters unrelated to the Society. Feelings toward Lord Aotsuki vary between members of the Abyssal Fifteen. Many still view him with suspicion as an outsider in both race and realm, but the Fifteen's eldest, ancient Kanni, seems to have given the young lord his own approval. Respect for Kanni runs almost as deep as it does for Mizuchi, and none would dare defy Lord Aotsuki when the mighty crab might hear of it.
Military, Mercenary Group
Alternative Names
Abyssal Fifteen, The Fifteen, 琵琶深海十五人
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Parent Organization
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