Alice of Hearts

Forceful, volatile, and sublime

Third-Place Victor Alice of Hearts


A candidate for the role of "Alice" in the conceptual space of the Dreamlands. By competing in the White Rabbit Bowl, this girl who was little more than a concept, became something closer to real. Though she was consigned to oblivion, Aotsuki Tsukamoto brought Hearts back with a wish. She serves his Aotsuki Clan now in the waking world, happy to continue to nurture the bond they formed during the tournament.   The suit of hearts is forceful, versatile, and sublime. Though frailer than her sisters and helpless in a melee, Alice of Hearts can strike in unexpected, powerful ways.

Combat Role

Alice of Hearts is a ranged technician with high damage and utility. She's capable of inflicting a variety of effects on enemies and attacking with high damage on the Energy attack type. What she lacks is any traditional method to defend herself. She is capable of increasing her HP with a technique, which can absorb a large portion of damage, but leaves he particularly vulnerable to criticals.  


Suvivor: Alice of Hearts can survive at negative LP up to ten times her CON score, rather than the usual five.
Alice of Hearts' depth perception is severely hindered by her injured eye. She takes a -50 penalty to Notice and Search checks that rely on vision.  


Flight: May spend a number of ki points to achieve and maintain the same level of Flight value, up to a maximum of normal movement (8).
Armor of Emptiness:
Alice of Hearts reduces the base damage of all incoming attacks by 10.
Any attempts to detect Alice of Hearts through supernatural means, including ki detection, suffer a penalty equal to her Presence [75].  


Alice of Hearts' accumulation allows her to use Ruffles and Truffles once each turn, and any of Card Soldier, Heart Brigade, or Seize Him! once per turn in addition. She must accumulate for at least 3 turns without using an attack technique to activate Heart to Heart.
Ruffles and Truffles (Passive):
May spend 8 ki points to add 400 Damage Resistance LP on top of her normal life points. This technique may be maintained for 3 ki each turn thereafter.
Card Soldier:
May spend 11 ki points to make a single attack on a target within 60 feet. This attack hits on the Energy attack type and deals damage equal to Presence (x2) + POW [175].
Heart Brigade:
May spend 15 ki points to make multiple attacks identical to Card Soldier on a single target within 60 feet.
Seize Him!:
May spend 11 ki points to make a single attack identical to Card Soldier on a target within 60 feet. In addition, the target must make an opposed Strength or Agility check against 12 or be pulled to Alice's location.
Heart to Heart:
May spend 35 ki points to shout a phrase at a single target. If the target hears this, they must make a PhR 140 check or fall under Alice's control.
General Rank
General Type
Current Location
Ōtsu Castle
The Enchanted Wood
Current Residence
Ōtsu Castle
Biological Sex
Wide, single blue
Blonde with bells
Skin Tone
110 lbs
Aligned Organization
Aotsuki Clan
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Character Portrait image: by LUNCH


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