Hashinara Clan




A powerful clan located in central Japan, the rulers of which can trace their ancestry back to Empress Genmei of ancient times. The organization's capital is seated in Wakigami, Yamato Province. Their current leader, Hashinara Yoshiyuki, is in truth only a figurehead. The true power behind the monumental clan is Hashianra Katamoto, raised from the dead after a successful attempt on his life and now impersonating his own daughter while he attempts to retrieve her soul from Yomi, the underworld. This curious mixture of identities is commonly referred to as Hashinara Yoshitakatomo by those with knowledge of the clan's secrets.   While Yoshitakatomo is the clan's Daimyō and holds absolute power over its proceedings, the majority of day-to-day operations are instead handled by her* closest adviser, Tōdaisen Nobuhara. In addition, several powerful individuals hold great sway over the clan and its members, most notably the Four Cardinal Generals. While several of these generals have since split off into their own organizations, they are close enough to still be considered part of the same clan from a practical standpoint.   Ryūzaki Sanosuke and his Silver Meteor Storm are officially still within the clan's ranks, although answerable only to the daimyō herself. They hold total control of several provinces to the northwest of Yamato, and command several smaller organizations, most notably the Ryūzōji Yōkai clan.   North, in Omi Province and Mino Province, Aotsuki Tsukamoto has been granted complete autonomy from the Hashinara. His loyalty is so strong, however, that as before, the Aotsuki and Hashinara can safely be considered two heads of the same organization.   Other influential generals, such as Matsumoto Ooawagaeri, Baby Huey, and the foreigner Maxim , have since stepped down from their positions of power or otherwise separated themselves from the clan. They continue to act in the organization's interests, however, and have close rapport with Hashinara Yoshitakatomo in the majority of cases.


A clan which historically ruled Yamato Province in southern Japan. Though removed from rule by the Yasutane family, they have recently returned to power after the death of Yasutane Enmonzaemon.   The Hashinara’s return to power was accompanied by an unprecedented success in conquering provinces and spreading their influences. Far from being warmongers, however, they focused entirely on fighting the Chōsokabe Clan after they invaded Kii Province, just south of the Hashinara seat in Yamato. After driving the invaders back, they then chased the Chōsokabe into their home island of Shikoku, and begun conquering provinces held by the clan there.   Following the fall of the Chōsokabe, the Hashinara clan returned to its seat in Yamato Province, and began consolidating its power for a time. Soon thereafter, relations worsened with the Oda Clan, the daimyō of which, Oda Nobunaga, had assassinated the soon-to-be Shogun during his inheritance ceremony.   A delegation containing Hosokawa Gracia, sent to Izumi Province with an Oda escort, was mistaken as an invasion force, and subsequently destroyed. In response, the Oda Clan declared war on the Hashinara and hostilities broke out.   The Hashinara took Omi Province, a major Oda holding, while the other clan invaded Ise Province, bloodlessly conquering the Ichinomiya Clan and gaining a province directly next to the Hashinara capital of Yamato. A large-scale battle erupted in Ise, and resulted in a stalemate. Shortly thereafter, Oda Nobunaga sent a missive to the leaders of the Hashinara apologizing for her subordinate's actions in involving the Tokugawa Clan in the previous battle, and asked for a meeting.   Soon, the Hashinara had convinced Oda Nobunaga to step down as daimyō, and formed peace with the Oda Clan, as well as releasing all prisoners, in return. This action worried and angered many other clans throughout the land, as two of the nation's major powers were now at an uneasy truce, and would prove an incredible threat were they to ally together.


  • Yamato Province (Capital)
  • Awa Province West
  • Bungo Province
  • Buzen Province
  • Inaba Province
  • Ise Province
  • Izumi Province
  • Kawachi Province
  • Kii Province
  • Mikawa Province
  • Sanuki Province
  • Suru Province
  • Tosa Province
  • Tōtōmi Province


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