Peach Baton

"For Slaying Evil Oni"

A weapon wielded by "Magical Momo," an idol-based variation on the famous legend who manifested in the Dreamlands. It's surely not associated with the real Momotarō, but maybe it's good enough.
Peach Baton
Damage: 30 (40) Speed: +0 (+10) Req. STR: 4 Primary: Impact
Weapon Type: Mace Fort.: 11 (31) Break.: -2 (8) Presence: 15 (115)
Special Qualities: Quality, Leading the Dance!
Quality: The Peach Baton is considered a +10 quality Club. Attributes in parentheses ( ) indicate the weapon's value with quality factored in.   Leading the Dance!: Any individual who attempts to dodge an attack or offensive spell cast with the Peach Baton must instead immediately use their Dance secondary ability in place of Dodge to defend. This ability has no effect on opponents who attempt to block the attack rather than dodge.

桃ロッド: Peach Baton

Item type
Weapon, Other
Current Holder
Musashibō Benkei
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Hashinara Clan


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