Cities on the Moon

Summary As Shigeaki Fujino teleports Hashinara Yoshitakatomo back from the latest mission, for that briefest moment of spacial uncertainty, it feels as though her* head is being split apart. The pain lasts only the briefest moment, and when it's over and the two have arrived, there are words in her* head. Yoshitakatomo can read them as clearly as if she* were holding a piece of parchment:
Great Ruler / Dictator / Chief / Captain of the Group Named Hashinara, I offer you salutations. I will introduce myself as ヤズエラス. I now transport myself to your domain from the City of the Crawling Mist. I request a meeting with the most superior being amongst your Hashinara Group. I will negotiate the release of my sibling in metaphor. You will agree to my terms and receive great riches. I will not instigate violence. You will not instigate violence. You will survive our meeting.

Potential Consequences

  • Gold Kuma Coin
  • Great Riches
  • An Ending

Special Rules

  • Only Hashinara Yoshitakatomo is required for this Golden Cow Challenge, but any player character can attend on her* invitation.
Plot type
Golden Cow Challenge
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