Instrument of Death

A cursed blade taken from the hands of Chōsokabe Motochika after her defeat. Necrom thirsts for blood, and must take a life once it is drawn, but can significantly boost the abilities of any undead or caster who wields it.
Damage: 65 (85) Speed: -15 (-5) Req. STR: 6 Primary: Cut
Weapon Type: Sword / Axe Fort.: 6 (26) Break.: -1 (9) Pres.: 30 (130)
Special Rules: Quality, Mortal Blows, Curse, Bringer of Misfortune, Instrument of Death
Quality: Necrom is considered a +10 weapon capable of damaging energy. Values in parentheses ( ) have quality factored in.   Mortal Blows: Wounds caused by Necrom always cause the target to begin bleeding out, and damage it inflicts heals at half of the normal rate. In addition, Necrom adds +20 to the result of any Critical.   Curse: Once Necrom is drawn and readied, it remains attached to the hand of the bearer and cannot be released until the character takes the life of a being whose Presence is equal to at least half of his own. The bearer may try to avoid this effect by sheathing the weapon forcefully, but must pass a Magic Resistance Check at a difficulty of 180 or die instantly.     Bringer of Misfortune: The more lives the user of Necrom has claimed, the worse the curse becomes. If the character kills more than twenty-one people, he gains the Unfortunate Disadvantage, but the weapon adds +20 to his Magic Projection and +20 to any offensive spells he casts while it is drawn. Instrument of Death: In the hands of a necromantic creature, Necrom allows its bearer to use Ki Abilities and Ki Techniques. This is an exception to the usual rules limiting the undead to using only Nemesis.
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Weapon, Melee
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