Oda Nobunaga

Erstwhile Daimyō of the Oda Clan

Bearer of the Contract, Oda Nobunaga (a.k.a. 織田 信長)


  The former Daimyō of the Oda Clan, known once as a brutal warlord across Japan. Nobunaga is the daughter of an Oda family noble and a vile Demon from the Tokugawa Clan. In truth, her mother was so cunning that she tricked the demon in question, and Nobunaga is herself a living contract that prevents the monstrous forces of Gehenna from overrunning the Empire of Japan, instead forcing them into a clan structure under the Oda. This magical binding, seared into the flesh of Nobunaga's back, allows her to give absolute commands to any demon. Should she die, however, the contract would be broken, and the demons free to do as they please.   Beyond her former role as a Daimyō and a living safeguard, Nobunaga is a fierce and determined woman. The sense of duty from having the only form of control over Tokugawa Ieyasu's demonic hordes weighed heavy on her, and she tends to be solemn and without levity as a result. She is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that the country is capable of surviving after she has died. This plan was focused around uniting the disparate clans that have sprung up during the Warring States period. Nobunaga is a noble soul, but not a kind one. She is willing to make sacrifices and tap into forbidden powers to achieve what she believes to be a goal which supersedes all others. This ruthlessness with which she pursues her mission has led to her earning a reputation as a bloodthirsty warlord, especially with those who are unfamiliar with the situation as it truly exists.   This all came crashing down around her with the unexpected defeat of the Tokugawa Clan at the hands of the Hashinara and their sealing of the portal to Gehenna. Unable to justify the measures she had taken, only to have the crisis averted by another party, Nobunaga immediately stepped down as Daimyō, appointing Akechi Mitsuhide in her place. She had meant to take on a life of wandering, helping where she could, but major powers among the Hashinara were greatly concerned at her actions, and tracked her down. Eventually, she was convinced to join their clan instead, and now serves secretly as a high-ranking general who answers directly to the Daimyō.   Perhaps because of the greatness of the task before her, Nobunaga does allow herself some luxuries in her daily life. Her quarters at Owari Province were well appointed, and she dresses herself only in the finest red Western cloth, believing that this style grants her a cutting authority that she might not otherwise have with her naturally small frame. She has a single husband, Nishimura Kankurō Masatoshi, who was once a common hunter before being elevated to a general in her armies.  

Unique Abilities:

  Demon Lord's Edict: The ancient contract burned into Oda Nobunaga's flesh allows her absolute dominion over demons and, to a lesser extent, other beings. Any sentient creature that can understand her receiving a direct order from Oda Nobunaga must make a check using only their base presence against a difficulty equal to Nobunaga's presence score plus 50. On a failure, the creature commanded must attempt to accomplish the order given to the best of its ability. On a success, the creature is aware that they resisted a powerful compulsion, but learns no other specifics. Once a creature has resisted this ability, they become immune to it for one day. Demons are given no opportunity to resist, and must always comply with Nobunaga's orders.   Upon the event of Oda Nobunaga's death, or if the contract is somehow erased from her skin, all standing orders immediately cease.
General Rank
General Type
Current Location
Wakigami Castle
Year of Birth
1533 26 Years old
Biological Sex
Burnt gold
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
Hashinara Clan
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
Oda Nobunaga

Character Portrait image: 角子さん by 赤井てら


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