Zinnia the Traveler

Incredibly Lost Zoog


A wandering Zoog who roams the Dreamlands in search of her home forest. Zinnia is currently a semi-permanent resident of the port town Baharna, at least until she can figure out where she came from and how to get back. The locals have taken to her kindly, bestowing upon Zinnia a title in the manner of their own people. The sheer number of places she's visited is unmatched by any known Baharnan and so they call her, quite simply, the Traveler.   Always inquisitive and energetic, but directionally-challenged, Zinnia one day wandered so far away from her home forest that she couldn't find her way back. She knows that it was a kelp forest on the edge of the Dreamlands' Western Continent, probably somewhere near Ulthar, but hasn't been able to figure out anything beyond that. Her quest for answers has taken Zinnia to all the wrong places. She's traveled inland, across the seas, from Oonai to Celephaïs and, she claims, even the Plateau of Leng and Mhor far in the East. Throughout her travels, she's picked up a great deal of equipment and skills besides. A kindly priest in a distant temple taught her how to defend herself, and there are few languages she doesn't now have at least a little experience in.   For all this, Zinnia is still absolutely awful at navigating. She remains optimistic that someday she'll find her way home, even though every time she's attempted so far has ended with her arriving at a destination not even close to the one she'd intended. Baharna is the one city she always seems to gravitate back to, no matter where her adventures take her.
General Rank
General Type
Current Location
At least, like, a few decades
Biological Sex
Brown, hopeful
Brown, always a little damp
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
240 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Character Portrait image: 海中神官職 by ランサネ


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