Crafty Enigma

(a.k.a. 名人)


Nobody seems to know what this man's real name is, nor where he hailed from. Those who question him about these things, or any personal matter, simply receive a silent shake of the head. One day, shortly after the war between the Hashinara and Chōsokabe, he appeared in Wakayama and silently began to rebuild. To the people who had lost their homes, their livelihoods, everything that they had owned under the Forsaken assault, he became a sign of hope. The common people began calling him "Master" as a sign of respect, and when he did not contradict them, the moniker stuck.   "Master" does not possess inhuman speed or dexterity. It takes him as much time to nail a plank as any other man. Somehow, he seems to always know exactly how the pieces of any structure should best fit together, and works tirelessly through the day and night until it's done. It is not "Master" alone who rebuilt the city, but without his stolid, reassuring figure always at work somewhere in Wakayama, the rest of the town would not have risen against the disaster as they did.   Now, this grey-haired craftsman has left Wakayama in as good a state as it was before the attack, if not better. He's made his way to Wakigami, and his reputation proceeds him. Even now, Tōdaisen Nobuhara and others are putting together bids, arranging projects, and reaching out in the hope that this legend among builders will agree to take on more projects to help the people of the Hashinara.
General Rank
General Type
Year of Birth
1511 48 Years old
Biological Sex
Slate, long ponytail
Skin Tone
Rough, tanned
270 lbs
Aligned Organization
Aotsuki Clan
Other Affiliations

Character Portrait image: 仕事絵まとめ by 宮野アキヒロ


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