Sepulchral Secrets at Isonokami


In his search for an artifact that might function similarly to Kagami's mirror when used as a base for a sheele, Ryūzaki Sanosuke recalled tales of a Seven-Branched Sword with some relation to Isonokami Shrine. That's curious, as this was the very shrine where Hashinara Yoshitakatomo underwent her* several resurrections, as well as the ancient, self-imposed prison of the Matsumoto Clan. Even with such a strong indirect link to the place, and having visited it once himself, Sanosuke cannot recall any mention of the ancient weapon.   The shrine is mostly abandoned in the modern era, with occasional visits from Matsumoto Ooawagaeri marking its only known human contact. It should therefore be a fairly simple thing for Sanosuke to venture there and investigate himself. This is a dark, ancient place, however, which at one point housed energies powerful enough to raise and remake the dead. It would perhaps be wise to bring some backup, just in case.  

Potential Rewards

  • Gold Kuma Coin
  • Seven-Branched Sword

Special Rules

  • Only Ryūzaki Sanosuke is required for this Golden Cow Challenge. He may invite any other player characters he wishes, up to five.
Plot type
Golden Cow Challenge
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