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Craven Court

Within the Forlorn Kingdom, very few of the buildings of the long-forgotten nation survive in a state better than that which could best be described as dilapidated. The Craven Court, however, stands in defiance of the ages that have brushed over it, its empty halls frequented only by wayward Shades and the occasional Poppet.   But, hidden deep within this house of silent sorrow, resides a throne and on that throne sits the Crestfallen Prince, the self-proclaimed ruler of the Forlorn Kingdom.

Architecture and design

Much like the rest of the Forlorn Kingdom, the Craven Court is a monolithic building constructed from hefty brickwork and carved stone. The stylings are consistent with some of the design elements found in older parts of Glarithia and Druvenia, though this could very well be coincidental.
  If there ever was any glass in the empty windows of the melancholic ruin, it has all but turned to dust with the passage of time. The arches and pillars lining the walkways evoke a sense of fallen grandeur that penetrates into the soul, as if the silence of the court seeps inside of the individual and takes root. The foyer and grand hall are similarly desolate, dust-caked chandeliers hanging on with barely a single link of rusted chain, the illumination they might have offered long since extinguished.
  Taking a winding staircase downward from the main halls, leading deep below the rotten soil of the orchard, one will arrive into the undercroft where the all-consuming darkness seems to threaten to extinguish torches and magical light unless continually nurtured. In those umbral passageways one might wander for days without finding anything, even the way back, but those determined and resourceful enough just might stumble upon a long hallway at the end of which a pale, blue light flickers.
  This spectral light emanates from the throne room where the Crestfallen Prince languishes on his throne. Within that somber hall, tattered banners of past glories droop over dirty alabaster pillars upon which torches that are alight with a blue, cold flame are affixed. Those who have found their way into the lamentable hall deep below the court and returned to tell the tale speak of a profound sadness that overtook them as they beheld the Prince on his throne.

Seeker presence

Even though the Crestfallen Prince has shown no intent to leave his court nor does his desolate abode particularly attract Hatelings, the church of Resounding Truth has deemed it prudent to keep an eye on the Craven Court and, more importantly, keep adventurers and explorers from entering the Court and conversing with the Prince, whose ability to answer most questions has given the place a reputation that many seek to verify for themselves.
  Men and women from the Circle of Dawn are posted at the Court at all times and tasked with the upholding of magical wards that seal the doors into the interiors of the Court.

Craven Court and the Ashen Baron

Occupying the same general location, it inevitably came to pass that the Ashen Baron took an interest in the Craven Court. He directed one of his Wakes towards the Court and managed to overpower the Seekers guarding the ruins. Eyewitness accounts by survivors of the skirmish claim that the Baron made his way inside and spent a considerable amount of time within before emerging once more and recalling his Faltered, leaving the Court as quickly as he and his forces had arrived.
  It is assumed that the Baron asked the Prince a question, but what that question might have been is unclear. The Prince, when asked about the interaction, claims that it would be rude to gossip about matters of nobility and leaves it at that.

The Forgotten Crown

The Craven Court is also where the dread relic, the Forgotten Crown resides. This cursed crown is still clutched by the last king of the Forlorn Kingdom and projects an aura of decay that causes extreme aging in living things that draw near.
This place is different than the rest of the forest.
  It's not evil, just... sad.
–Seeker Wakeston, posted at the Craven Court
An illustrative, simplified map of Nascindor. Not to scale.
by Midjourney
One of the halls of the Craven Court

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