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Robber's Run

Piercing through the mountains that separate eastern Nascindor from the central plains, north-east of Druvenia, Robber's Run is a perilous pass that has become a hotspot for highwaymen and other ne'er-do-wells to waylay traveling merchants and shipments that brave the pass in the hopes of saving time.


The pass consists of a single, meandering dirt road surrounded on both sides by mountains and forested cliffsides, offering bandits and highwaymen the perfect terrain to ambush unwary travelers. The area is also prone to landslides when it rains, adding an additional layer to the dangers related to traversing the pass.

Flora and Fauna

The hills surrounding the pass are favored grazing spots of herds of wild Emperor Rams, which sometimes block the road when they decide to take a rest upon it. Robber's Run is also unique in that it is the only place on Nascindor one can find Gumreed, a plant from which can be refined an incredibly powerful adhesive substance.


The pass houses no real settlements but in the many caves and copses, gangs of bandits and smugglers make their seedy hideouts.
  Some of these dens are operated by the Midnight Exchange, which house the vilest of criminals, murderers and thugs whose methods of securing plunder almost always involve death.
  Any attempts at pacifying the pass by forces of the Telothian Legion or even the Seekers of Sanctum have been unsuccessful, as all the soldiers and knights find are empty caverns, their occupants having fled deeper into the cave systems long since having been warned of approaching forces by lookouts.
You could consider cutting through Robber's Run.
  It'll cut off a day from your journey. Or your head from your shoulders.
–A rail worker of Goptone Junction, offering advice to a trading caravan
An illustrative, simplified map of Nascindor. Not to scale.
by Midjourney
Carriages from Druvenia making their way through Robber's Run in the cover of night

Cover image: by Midjourney


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