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Tyndarite Escarpment

Dotted with jutting crystals of blue, slightly transparent Tyndarite, the Tyndarite Escarpment is a geological formation within the Mistclad Cordillera that is rich in the mysterious mineral. The escarpment is also home to the Resonant, the monolithic, cyclopean denizens of the area.
  Due to the Resonant, the Tyndarite Escarpment sees much more visitors than any other part of the cordillera, as teams of researchers from Pluthem and tourists from all over Nascindor arrive in droves to investigate and witness the awe-inspiring creatures. This attention does not seem to annoy the colossi, and they even seem curious themselves about the small creatures that surround them.
Tyndarite is fascinating! It is an incredibly durable, crystalline mineral that changes states based on the tonal vibrations it is subjected to.
  The potential applications in the fields of construction and metallurgy are unprecedented!
–Gaston Tumés, a researcher of the Enlightened Few
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Part of the Tyndarite Escarpment

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