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Mistclad Cordillera

The Mistclad Cordillera is a mountain range in the far northern reaches of Nascindor, which surrounds and nestles the city-state of Telothia.
  It is characterized by awe-inspiring mountain faces and the titular mist that falls upon the cliffs and ravines in the early morning hours. Adjacent to the cordillera is the Tyndarite Escarpment, a craggy plateau that is full of Tyndarite, a crystalline mineral with peculiar tonal properties.
  Avalanches barreling down the slopes and cliffs of the cordillera are fairly common, and Telothia employs the skills of the Warsages to wreathe the city in a protective barrier should the fortress be threatened in such a manner.
  Mountaineers brave the cliffs and peaks of the cordillera to map its reaches as well as to discover its riches.
I'm surprised we are not expected to run to the top of the cordillera and back...
–A disgruntled recruit of the Telothian Legion during physical drills
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A portion of the Mistclad Cordillera

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