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The Warsages are an off-shoot of the Telothian Legion, a regiment of soldiers who are also gifted with the ability to project into the Tapestrum Arcanum. This makes them capable warriors and wielders of magic, a combination that proves to be quite deadly on the field of battle.   They are often deployed alongside legion troops to support them, as their magical arts can be used to mend wounds and set bone, allowing soldiers to fight through injuries that would otherwise slay a man. Warsages are sometimes even called to aid the Seekers, especially during Wakes of Embers and Host incursions when they need all the help they can get.   In times of peace, the Warsages are tasked with the upholding of a magical barrier around Telothia, a dome of energy meant to protect the city-state from possible avalanches and landslides from the adjacent Mistclad Cordillera.
If I had to choose between fighting alongside you or those guys, I'd choose them every single time.
–A Telothian soldier to his squadmates
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A Warsage

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