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The militant arm of the church of Resounding Truth, the Seekers are knights tasked with patrolling and defending the borders of the Black Forest so that none of the nightmare creatures spawned via the Adversary's dreaming may ravage the lands beyond.


To be chosen as a Seeker is no mean feat, as the church of Resounding Truth expects recruits to be in peak physical and mental condition, and that is just the beginning. Grueling training regimens make sure that Seeker neophytes are put to the utmost test each and every day of their apprenticeship to a fully-fledged Seeker.
  Once they prove themselves capable, they are promoted to a squire, who accompanies their mentor into the Black Forest. After several years of honorable service as a squire, or if they demonstrate exceptional valor in the line of duty, the prospective knight is promoted to a proper Seeker and is given a protégé of his or her own.


The Seekers are divided into fellowships, groupings based on their geographical location that are tasked with patrolling and protecting their closest parts of the Black Forest's border.
These fellowships are;
When one fellowship encounters a surge in activity that they cannot handle, forces from the other fellowships are called in to bolster the defenses of that particular part of the border until the threat has subsided. When a threat is so substantial that it requires the combined efforts of all of the fellowships, this joint operation is referred to as a crusade.  


Each Seeker fellowship employs several blacksmiths of considerable skill that forge them weapons and armor worthy of song.
  It is these men and women who alone know the correct technique and measurements to quench a forged blade or mace in the Tears of the Divine so that it becomes weeping steel and assumes the properties of the sacred fluid. It is also customary for a Seeker to carry vials of the tears on their person, for they are a potent repellant and weapon against the Hatelings of the Black Forest, and its healing properties have saved the lives of uncountable knights.
The crest of the Seekers. The floral theme is symbolic for their role as protectors of life itself.

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