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Gilded Spire

The base of operations of the Circle of Dawn, the Gilded Spire is a colossal tower nestled in the midst of a settlement built around it, located at the western edge of the Tyndarite Escarpment, where the snow gives way to a tundra.
  It is from here that the Seeker fellowship oversees and conducts its operations. The settlement at the foot of the spire houses all of the supporting staff of the fellowship.


Despite its grandeur, the spire is a relatively recent marvel. It was built after the first Host incursion, when it became clear that the borders of the Black Forest needed to be reinforced beyond the capacity that they already were. It took the artisans and builders of the church of Resounding Truth the better part of a decade to build the spire but now it is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most glorious hall to serve as the abode for a Seeker fellowship.
Keep going thataway, you can't miss it.
–A traveling merchant instructing pilgrims towards the spire
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The Gilded Spire

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