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Resounding Truth

Founded mere years after the Progenitors fall, the church of Resounding Truth began as a simple tribal congregation, grew exponentially over time and is now the state-ordained religion of all the city-states of humanity, committed to performing the Eternal Hymn and training new Orators from those selected among new generations. In every single settlement where humans live, there is at least a small chapel, contrasted by the grand cathedrals of the larger city-states. There are several communions held in these places of worship, and people often wander in just to listen to the Eternal Hymn being sung. Resounding Truth is, for all intents and purposes, the ward against the Adversarys corrupting influence.
  The vast majority of humanity professes to practicing the faith of the Resounding Truth, though there are pockets of people and organizations that prefer their own religious practices, such as the Varlemites and the Sonorous Brotherhood.


In addition to training Orators and upholding the Eternal Hymn, the church of Resounding Truth espouses three core tenets for its adherents to live by. These tenets are;
  1. Act with reason and compassion
  2. Help those in need, preferably so they learn to help themselves and others. Live a life of purpose, fulfilling not only the needs of you and yours but those in your community.
  3. Be vigilant
  4. Lead a righteous life, do not fall for temptation and do your best to help others in this regard, as well. Do not abide by evil.
  5. Proliferate
  6. This world depends on our continued existence. Be fruitful, sire children and teach them to live as you have.



The militant arm of the church are the Seekers, men and women trained from adolescence to safeguard the world from the Black Forest.

Other functions

While its main mission is perpetuating the Eternal Hymn, the church makes itself known through other altruistic avenues as well. Some of these include running shelters for the homeless, building hospitals and mental health institutions as well as operating food banks.
The crest of the church of Resounding Truth, featuring an idealized depiction of the Progenitor
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An Orator preparing for her shift singing the Eternal Hymn

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