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The Adversary began its existence as the Companion, an entity that the Progenitor separated from itself when it began the work of creating the known universe. It would come to pass, however, that the Companion would grow prideful and drunk with its near limitless power that the Progenitor had imbued it with. And so, it came to believe itself above all other forms of life, which it viewed as playthings for it to do with whatever it wished. On Nascindor, it tortured and played with the primitive species inhabiting the young planet for centuries.

War in the stars

The Progenitor eventually learned of this hubris and was furious. It confronted the being it had created, reprimanding the Companion for its callous actions, which in turn infuriated it, causing it to attack its creator. It was at this moment that the Companion became the Adversary, and a battle that would last for an entire era began. For hundreds of thousands of years, the two gods were locked in combat, until the Adversary managed to strike a lethal blow against its creator. Wounded and dying, the Progenitor used its power to fuse the two back into a gestalt whole before its dying form crashed onto Nascindor in an event known as the Godfall.


With its dying breath, the Progenitor warned the primitive humans who had witnessed its fall that within its flesh a great evil was trapped, and so bequeathed upon them the Eternal Hymn, a wordless song that would keep the Adversary bound to the corpse of the Progenitor and asleep. For hundreds of years, humanity has performed the hymn dutifully, and the Adversary remains trapped within the last remaining part of the Progenitor's body, its crystallized and corrupted heart. Within its prison, it dreams, and its hateful nightmares spill into this reality, corrupting the great forest the Progenitor fell into, eventually turning it into the Black Forest.
  Should the Adversary ever be freed, the universe entire will be endangered, not just Nascindor.
Blessed Progenitor, restrain thy enemy, thy hated Adversary as we sing thy praises.

–Excerpt from the Penitent Psalm, a popular prayer from one of the hymnals published by the church of Resounding Truth
by Midjourney
An artists rendition of the Adversary

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