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The primordial will, the first mind to exist and the central figure of the faith espoused by the church of Resounding Truth, the Progenitor is the source of the totality of existence.


Before the Progenitor set out to create the known universe, it split from itself a Companion which it imbued with power equal to its own. These two gods would then go on to create wonders beyond comprehension, and for a time it seemed like they would continue to do so forever.
  However, the Companion became enamored with its power and began to treat creation as its personal playground. This went against everything that the Progenitor believed wielding supreme power entailed, and so it chastised its creation. This sparked an argument, which ignited into a fight, to a full-blown battle that lasted for the entirety of the Divine Era and marked the Companion's transformation into the Adversary. The Progenitor held back the whole time, not wanting to destroy its creation and end up alone again, hoping against hope his opponent would come to its senses. The Adversary, on the other hand, had no such qualms, and struck a fatal blow against its creator. Trapping its rebellious creation within itself, the Progenitor plummeted onto Nascindor and instructed a primitive bipedal species to never allow it to resurface by imparting upon them the Eternal Hymn.
  Then, the Progenitor expired. Its corpse laid in the great forest it landed in for several centuries before time eroded all but its crystalline heart, within which the Adversary is imprisoned.
The hymn was delivered to us from the stars, by a dying god who chose us to bear the burden it brought.
  I'd say that makes us pretty special.

–Councilor Hannybon, when confronted by a S'aue dignitary about humanity's role on Nascindor
Divine Classification
Creator God
An artists rendition of the Progenitor


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