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Eternal Hymn

Gifted to humanity by the Progenitor with its dying breath, the Eternal Hymn is a divine, wordless melody that keeps the Adversary imprisoned within the Heart of Hate as long as it is performed ceaselessly and in great enough numbers.
  The church of Resounding Truth was founded for this very purpose, and it recruits and trains new Orators, individuals tasked with performing the hymn. As it is a tonally difficult song to perform, the training of prospective Orators begins at an early age, often starting with the younglings joining the choir of their local chapel or cathedral.
  The hymn itself is immortalized in the Hallowed Hymnal.  


In addition to ensuring the Adversary's continued imprisonment, the hymn has other effects as well. The chief of these is its interaction with the Pools of Tears, causing the statues to weep a miraculous substance known as the Tears of the Divine.
  The hymn also seems to have a positive effect on those who listen to it, both in a physical and mental sense. All kinds of hurt is washed away when one is in presence of the hymn, including supernatural maladies such as the mind control imposed by the Tyrants.
Couldn't you just listen to it all day?

–A Telothian guard to another

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