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As diverse as they are industrious, humans are, if not the most numerous, perhaps the most well-established species on Nascindor. The bulk of humanity lives in great city-states, each a culture of their own, with the exception that each recognizes the teachings of the Resounding Truth as their state religion. A grand cathedral for the around-the-clock performing of the Eternal Hymn can be found in all of these cities, and most humans consider it their sacred duty to build and maintain these places of worship.
  But there are those who see things differently and believe that by keeping the Adversary asleep, humanity is dooming itself to be overrun by its hellish nightmares. These agents of discord form cults and covens that gather in the seedy underbellies of the city-states to scheme and plot.   There are a total of six major city-states located across the breadth of Nascindor;
Glarithia, Druvenia, Telothia, Pluthem, Onset-1 and Wapemond Harbor.


Humanity has allied itself with the S'aue and the Arachnitha, though this does not mean there are no tensions between the three species. Most notably, the expansionist and exploitative nature of the S'aue Empire is a constant point of contention in diplomatic talks, with the Arachnitha demanding that humanity puts their foot down and demands compliance. Humanity does not, for the most part, see their divine charge as a condonation for tyrannical rule and they respect the sovereignty of the S'aue Empire, though they do suggest that the machine-men should endeavor to limit the impact their drilling operations and expansion have on the environment and the burrow-homes of the Arachnitha.
  Humanity also has internal relations with itself, as while the church of Resounding Truth is the highest authority there is, it does not offer guidelines to or a system of governance. Therefore, all human settlements and city-states are ruled individually and there is no monarch or god-king to whose word the entirety of humanity adheres to. This obviously leads to some political tension between city-states that has fortunately been relatively mild thus far. It is in the best interest of humanity for things to remain this way.
What walks on two legs and is afraid of you?

–A popular Arachnithan children's riddle, the answer of which is human
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Humans on Nascindor come in all shapes and sizes

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