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The Arachnitha, or the ”spider-people” of Nascindor are another species that witnessed the fall of the Progenitor, and even though they were not beseeched by the dying god like the humans were, they too realize the importance of the Eternal Hymn for all living things on Nascindor and do whatever they can to aid humanity. An ancient and proud species, the Arachnitha live in vast caverns called Burrow-Homes, which correspond roughly to the city-states of humanity. These networks of tunnels and open caves are, in most cases, interlinked with eachother, creating a network of passages that criss-crosses underneath almost the entire breadth of Nascindor, with the obvious exception being below the Black Forest.


Physically, the arachnitha resemble the common spider, with the exceptions that they have ten legs instead of eight, and their size is considerably larger. An adult Arachnitha is roughly the size of a bear, legs included. Without the legs, their abdomens could be likened to the size of a large canine, like a wolf. Arachnitha of different descents have differing mandibular anatomy, and all Arachnitha are also venomous to some degree, which makes them feared combatants. The exact properties of their venom is also dependent on their lineage.


The Arachnitha realize that their outward appearance is frightening to most of the other species they share Nascindor with, and thus they have devised an ingenious solution to maintain amicable relations. The Arachnitha spin their durable web into sturdy robes and other types of clothing that they dye and decorate. They then squeeze themselves into said clothing, using their many legs to mimic a more pleasant, humanoid form once they have donned their Masquerade, as they call these silken suits. The masquerades are worn solely for the benefit of those the Arachnitha want to deal with, and are discarded after negotiations end. This is not to say that everyone finds the Arachnitha distressing, as there are humans and s'aue who would consider an arachnitha their best friend or even lover.  


There are thousands of different burrow-homes underneath the crust of Nascindor, but just like the city states of humanity, some of these are more important to the Arachnitha than others. The five biggest and most important burrow-homes are;
  • Niz'wola, the home of the Duskwidows, situated far underneath the Tyndarite Escarpment. Very little natural light reaches into the dark depths that these excellent ambush predators inhabit. Being so accustomed to skulking in the dark, the Duskwidows act as the spies and assassins of the larger Arachnitha collective.
  • Lod'shwa, the abode of the Dunecrawlers, located beneath the sands of the Varlem Desert. The Dunecrawlers are even larger than most other Arachnitha, and thus are renowned warriors among their kin. When the Arachnitha march to war, it is the Dunecrawlers that lead the charge.
  • Yng'zheb, the birthplace of the Wandering Huntsmen, found underneath the arid plains of the Mourning Plateau. Excellent hunters, these nimble, fast Arachnitha act as scouts and messengers, scurrying from burrow to burrow. They are also the only Arachnitha allowed to enter and operate within the Black Forest by the church of Resounding Truth.
  • Gib'znel, the home of the Harvest Weavers, situated beneath the temperate lowlands bordering fair Glarithia. These master craftsmen have made an artform out of spinning their web, and it was the Harvest Weavers that originally came up with the idea of the masquerades, allowing the Arachnitha to have an easier time establishing friendly relations with the other species of Nascindor.
  • Fi'zwa, located inside the Tapestrum Arcanum, is the home of the Paradox Spinners, reclusive Arachnitha that are capable of spinning webbing from the raw substance that makes up the Tapestrum. This webbing is a highly sought after resource that fetches the highest prices in Druvenian markets.
You ever seen one of them Arachnitha fight?
  Forget them being slow due to their size, one could kill you before you could draw your sword.
–A drunken sailor regaling an attentive group of listeners in one of the seaside saloons of Wapemond Harbor
by Midjourney
Queen Shy'Tzix of the Duskwidows wearing her royal masquerade that also includes gold-inlaid plating and an ivory mask. Such elaborate masquerades are often gifted to the Arachnitha by their allies rather than produced domestically due to their obvious physical limitations.

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