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Druvenia, or ”Shalehome” as outsiders call it, is a city-state that is situated nearest to the Black Forest, right next to the Mourning Plateau. It is a shady, dour place favored by thieves, courtesans and practitioners of unsavory magics. Known to travelers as the place where you can get anything if you know where to look and have the coin (or other, less usual currencies) to pay for it, Druvenia is a haven for merchants and peddlers.
  That which you cannot find by browsing the open marketplaces you will surely find at the Midnight Exchange, should you manage to gain entry.


Ruled by the enigmatic Sullen Council, Druvenia has no legal system to speak of, and disputes are handled in whatever way the concerned parties see fit. This means that organized crime runs rampant in the shady streets, and those visiting are better off erring to the side of caution when it comes to choosing who to deal with. Druvenia is draped in mystery, just like its rulers, and the neighboring lands being home to the Pale Men means ”Shalehome” sees less tourism than the other city-states, but that is what the locals prefer, anyhow.


A far cry from radiant Glarithia, Druvenian culture is nevertheless fascinating. The artistic communities that do exist often consist of art thieves and smugglers who have developed an appreciation for their merchandise, and those with a more philosophical inclination gather in the many squares of the drab city to debate and, more often than not, engage in brawls when the differences in opinion grow too wide.
  There exists also a sizable Serendart community in Druvenia, of which the game is a kind of national pastime.


Druvenians are, not entirely undeservedly, considered to be unreliable, deceptive and prone to self-centered attitudes. These qualities are generally prevalent, but the Druvenian people are not all crooks and cheats, and those who are not possess a kind of positive nihilism which allows them to make light of their situation, surrounded on all sides by criminality and the worst that humanity has to offer. Befriending a Druvenian is often a simple matter of buying them a stiff drink and leaving their coin purse unpilfered, though one would be wise to keep an eye on their own.
You need a what now?
  You know what, nevermind. You'll find it in Druvenia.

–A Telothian shopkeep
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Druvenian streets are littered with stalls and stands where traders and fences peddle their wares.

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