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Oath of Bonding

Even in times of great darkness, there is one thing that survives and even thrives through it all; Love.
  Those who find their soulmates will often want to declare their feelings to the world through what is known as the Oath of Bonding, a ceremony during which a mutual promise is made by the lovers in front of a priest of the Resounding Truth or even the Hierarch themself, to uphold and cherish the love they feel for eachother.

Courtship around Nascindor

When it comes to love and the confession of it, customs vary from region to region on Nascindor.


A Glarithian suitor might see it prudent to approach the subject of their adoration through the avenue of music, or perhaps via gifting them a painted portrait of their fair self while professing their feelings. The couple then spends as much time as they feel they need to be ready before they make things official in the Everlasting Edifice. This approach is perhaps the most traditional among all the city-states.


In Druvenia, as with most things, love is a fair bit more straightforward and not a lot of time is spent mincing words or on romantic expressions. Suitors might simply boldly approach those they have set their sights upon and bluntly ask if the feelings are mutual. If it turns out that they are, the couple is usually in the Druvenian cathedral within the hour, giving the oath to eachother. This fast lane love is often frowned upon in the other city-states as being hasty or somehow less genuine, but Druvenians believe that life is too short to waste on pleasantries and that one should spend their time loving, not looking for love.


Life is brutal and disciplined in Telothia, and the practices of courtship are equally so. Deeply rooted in traditional gender roles, Telothian men are expected to be the initiators and they are expected to make clear the value they have to offer to their potential bride by wearing their uniform and accoutrements (if any) during their first meeting. The parents of the couple are also very involved in the process, and the lineage of the lovers is usually where things go awry, as certain families simply do not intermingle with eachother due to decades old grudges. Due to this, it is not uncommon for Telothian lovebirds to leave behind their fortress home and seek a more understanding community where their love might flourish.


Amidst the busy streets of Onset-1, love is expressed through curious means. When a man or a woman finds themselves attracted to someone, it is considered polite to first join the scientific community or artisan's guild they are part of and get involved in their projects. Through this, the suitor proves themselves interested in the things that are important to their potential lover and the common ground acts as fertile soil for the newly-found friendship to blossom into something more. The S'aue, having no reproductive drive or even a capacity for love, consider the human propensity to pair up infinitely fascinating and it is not unusual for groups of the mechanical men and women to attend the oath ceremonies held at the chapel in Onset-1 just to see what they are all about.


In Pluthem, where magic suffuses the very streets of the city, courtship is a matter of bravado and showmanship. It is customary for suitors to invite their wife/husband-to-be to a banquet where they will provide the entertainment, either by themselves or by paying for it. This way, the suitor proves that they have either actionable skills or disposable income, both of which are seen as desirable traits in Pluthemian society. Unfortunately, there is a darker side to Pluthemian courtship as well. Those who are magically gifted tend to avoid mingling with those who are not, creating a social divide that breeds elitism and classist hatred, dashing many a potential relationship.

Wapemond Harbor

The people of Wapemond Harbor are especially passionate, perhaps due to the tropical climate and the fact that it is a tighter knit community than the other city-states due to its size. Flings and one-night stands are not unusual, but once true love ignites between two Wapemondians, all that passion is converted into devotion. The small chapel that has been built onto the island sees couples making their oaths almost every day, and rare is the relationship that goes awry after the oaths have been made.

Arachnithan Love

The Arachnitha have largely adopted the Oath of Bonding, holding similar ceremonies in their burrow-homes. An arachnithan couple, after swearing their love for eachother, continue the ceremony by spinning their shared nest together. It is unusual that arachnitha of differing ethnicities bond, but it is not unheard of.

S'aue and Feelings

The S'aue, despite being sentient beings, are seemingly incapable or at least lacking in capacity for strong emotion. They understand love on a conceptual level, but they do not seem to be capable of such emotional depth, with the exception of some individuals, such as Mykros, who was built by the Logicians and is thus perhaps ever so slightly more advanced in a social sense than current S'aue.
  However, the S'aue do recognize the value in camaraderie and friendship, from a very pragmatic angle. They appreciate their friends and wider social circle for the security and resources a community like that can provide to the individual.
I'm not good with words like you are, you know that.
  So I trust you will understand when I just say that I love you. More than you could ever know.
–A farmer's daughter from Haven confessing her love to her Glarithian lover
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Some couples choose to forego fancy ceremonies altogether and merely confess their love to eachother during a tender moment shared within the walls of a chapel. A priest need not witness the proceedings, only officiate after the fact.

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A couple walking out of the Telothian cathedral, having made their oaths to eachother

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