Situated along the eastern coast of the continent, encircling Glarithia, Haven is a vast expanse of verdant farmland that is responsible for the vast majority of the food production for the city-states. Haven is fertile soil, capable of growing most any crop and during the summer season, the fields look like seas of gold and bronze as the gentle winds cause waves in the various grains planted on them.
  Haven is perhaps the only place where humans live outside of the walls of a city-state (with the obvious exception of the Fringe Folk, of course), but that is a necessity so that the crops can be planted, harvested and stored immediately to wait for pick up from the city-states.


The homesteaders of Haven are simple folk of simple means, most living their entire lives tending to the land. Some of those living in the city-states, especially those hailing from the neighboring Glarithia, consider the people of Haven to be slightly backwards country bumpkins with no appreciation for the finer arts. This notion is, of course, reciprocated by the good folk of Haven, who consider the Glarithians to be artsy snobs with their heads so deep inside their own posteriors that they have to open their mouths to see.
  Hardy and physically capable from countless hours spent working the fields, the people of Haven are of sturdier stock than others, only challenged in this regard by the men of Telothia, who spend most of their waking hours drilling and training for war.
Ain't no better sight than this.
–A homesteader of Haven gazing out at his fields as the sun sets
Inhabiting Species
by Midjourney
The verdant fields of Haven

Cover image: by Midjourney


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